The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is an ‘association of associations’. Its membership is made up of veterinary organisations from all over the world which are concerned with small companion animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. 

WSAVA’s primary purpose is to advance the quality and availability of small animal medicine and surgery.  This broad aim is achieved in a number of different ways. 

WSAVA fosters the exchange of scientific information, both between individual veterinarians and between their veterinary organisations. 

Each year, an Annual WSAVA World Congress is held in a different part of the world, hosted by a member association under the auspices of WSAVA. The Congress attracts large numbers of vets and veterinary nurses/technicians from many countries. Participants learn from top international speakers on all aspects of small animal practice. Proceedings from the Congress are available to veterinary schools, libraries and individuals, and provide a valuable source of the most up to date knowledge. 

WSAVA is now in the 11th year of running an imaginative series of continuing education courses using world-renowned speakers for veterinarians in areas where companion animal practice is relatively less developed. After starting the programme in the ‘emerging countries’ of Eastern Europe, WSAVA’s targets have now expanded to include other areas including the Balkan States, Russia, South East Asia, China, India and South America. 

WSAVA is working in close co-operation with veterinary specialty groups in Europe and the USA towards the production of an Asian Board of Registered Specialists. 

Through a number of its committees, WSAVA collaborates with veterinary scientists in academia to enhance understanding and knowledge of specific topics such as hereditary disease, nomenclature of pathological processes, etc. 

WSAVA furthers international relationships between all veterinarians dealing with small animal health and welfare. 

The WSAVA Convention for the Protection of Companion Animals contains a set of legislative proposals which have been endorsed by the Assembly. Many of the member associations have become signatories, which mean that they have agreed to the basic common standard of attitude and practice. Also, they will use their influence and knowledge to educate the community about animals and to increase community awareness of all issues affecting animal welfare. A WSAVA Animal Welfare Symposium is included in the programme of the Annual WSAVA World Congress. 

WSAVA is working to facilitate the introduction of effective, reliable and standard microchip identification of pet animals throughout the world. 

The Annual Congress provides the forum for these and other matters to be discussed, as well as encouraging friendship and co-operation between veterinarians from all over the world. News for members is published widely in many languages on the website, in the Journal of Small Animal Practice, and in a variety of other journals. In addition, a hard copy News Bulletin is printed and distributed to all 65,000 individual members at regular intervals. 

WSAVA promotes the standing of small animal practice. 

In association with prestigious sponsoring companies, WSAVA encourages excellence in small animal practice. Each year a number of Awards are presented to veterinarians chosen by an international panel of experts. 

By publicizing the activities of the WSAVA, its committees, and its members, the association can help make the wider community aware of the benefits of pet ownership and the valuable work done by veterinarians who care for small animals.

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